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3rd and 4th Graders


  • Play 7 vs 7 games
  • Practice 1 or 2 times a week
  • Play Fall and Spring Home Games @ SHANAHAN FIELD
  • Play against the following towns:
    • Merrimac
    • Newburyport
    • West Newbury
    • Amesbury


Advanced Placement: A parent can request for an evaluation of their son or daughter to be placed in an age group above their son or daughters age group. However it is up to the discretion of one or all of the following Board members; GYS President, Intown Director, and U10 Directors to decide if advanced placement of a player is warranted/needed.

Team Creation: As of September 2013 GYS breaks up U10 Boys and Girls teams for development purposes. This helps our players advance their skills with other players at the same level. At their own speed. This is the same way for ECYSA Teams, Pentucket Teams, and most of the Soccer world.


Equipment:  ALL children participating in an GYS program should have the following basic equipment:

• Shin pads are a MUST!
• Soccer shoes with rubber cleats (no metal), cleats cannot have a center "toe" cleat (i.e. most baseball cleats have one)
• Water bottles at practice AND at games are also a MUST!

Uniforms are not provided. You must purchase a uniform at Team and League Outftters in Georgetown.

Refunds: Effective on April 15th 2014 there will be NO refunds without MD note produced. If a note is produced, the player will be reimbursed 50%(this is for prior to season start) You will receive NO refund after the 1st game of the season regardless of any reason. GYS has to pay for Insurance, Shirts, Field Costs, etc..so please understand.